OCI-Related Links
Links related to the Ontario Cancer Institute

The University Health Network Homepage All about the UHN, includes a link to research carried out at OCI/PMH, TWH and TGH.
The Chakrabartty Lab 
Well-designed and informative site about the Chakrabartty lab, our neighbours here at OCI.
NMR Labs at the OCI Visit the Ikura and Arrowsmith Labs.
The Woodgett Lab Homepage Everything you want to know about the Lab of Jim Woodgett, also has some useful links.
The Edwards Lab Homepage The Edwards Lab located at the Banting and Best Research Insitutes.
RCF Calculations for OCI Rotors A useful tool for calculating RCF's on most OCI rotors for centrifugation.
The UHN Virtual Library (intranet) Access to a wealth of online resources.
Support Services at the OCI (intranet) Includes links to the microarray lab, sequencing facilities, flow cytometry, stores catalogue, etc...


X-Ray Crystallography Home